Woman Sues MP $30 000 For Breaking Her Virginity Then Not Marrying Her
7 May 2019
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Hon Tafanana Zhou

State Media|Member of Parliament for Mberengwa North Mr Tafanana Zhou is being sued for $30 000 by a local woman for allegedly breaching a promise to marry and “wasting” her time after allegedly breaking her virginity.

The heart broken Mberengwa woman, Ms Henrietta Tafadzwa Chauke, through her lawyers Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers, filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court citing Mr Zhou as a defendant.

She is demanding $30 000 from the politician for contumelia arising from the alleged breach of promise to marry her.

Ms Chauke said she fell for the legislator in February last year after he had promised to marry her.

“The defendant and I became acquainted to each other sometime in February 2018 and entered into a love relationship. Sometime in May 2018, the defendant orally made a promise to marry me and he further proceeded to affirm that promise to my aunt,” she said.

In papers before court, Ms Chauke said she lost her virginity to Mr Zhou after he allegedly gave her a false impression that he would marry her.

“The defendant also introduced me to some of his relatives and we had sexual intercourse which was premised on prospects for an imminent marriage. At the time of the sexual intercourse with the defendant, I was a virgin and I fell at the instance of his solicitation and promise to marry me,” she said.

Ms Chauke said Mr Zhou terminated their relationship in February this year for no apparent reason, consequently violating his promise to marry her.

“As a result of the breach of the promise to marry and the defendant’s conduct thereof, the plaintiff suffered and still suffers from hurt and her feelings remain injured. My chances of marriage have severely diminished due to the loss of my virginity,” she said.

Ms Chauke said her image has been permanently tarnished due to her ex-lover’s actions.

She said she feels embarrassed and humiliated.

“My personal dignity and reputation in the eyes of my family and friends was grievously impaired by the breach of promise to marry especially after the defendant had introduced me to his brothers and having also introduced him to my aunt and sisters during which he also reiterated his promise to marry me,” she said.

Ms Chauke wants to be compensated for damages emanating from her former boyfriend’s actions.

Ms Chauke said the defendant has failed, refused or neglected to pay the money despite numerous demands.

She wants an order compelling the MP to pay $30 000 for contumelia arising from the breach of promise to marry.