Antony Taruvinga Vows To “Expose” Mwonzora
10 May 2019
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Farai Dziva|Prominent social media analyst Antony Taruvinga has vowed to expose Douglas Mwonzora’s plot to topple MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa.

“Many people, in their lack of information, think that my sentiments regarding Mwonzora are driven by hatred, far from it, I am only truth telling.

Now that the truth is slowly emerging, action must be taken.”

“The guy hates President Chamisa with passion and he is not alone within the party.

It’s a group that Khupe left (remnants) for strategic reasons. Some of them are even vying for top posts within the party. The same people actually rigged the 2014 Congress to give Mwonzora a win against President Chamisa.

These must be be given an indefinite rest,” argued Taruvinga.

Antony Taruvinga