LATEST- British Govt Loudly States UK Will Finance Mnangagwa’s Economy Through A Currency Fund
10 May 2019
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By Farai D Hove| The British Secretary For International Investment, Rory Stewart yesterday spoke loudly that his adminstration is looking to boost African economies through a fund that will benefit UK in return.

Speaking at the Investing In Africa Summit in London attended by Zimbabwe’s Broadcasting Minister Monica Mutsvangwa and one of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sons, Stewart even spoke about getting “blueberries from a market in Zimbabwe right through to Tesco’s supermarket.”

He said, “I am here today at the investing in Africa summit and it is a fantastic opportunity to talk about, the fact that the African population is one of the biggest drivers of the world economy. By 2051, 1 in 10 children will be born in the world will be born in Nigeria alone, by the end of this century perhaps 40% of the population of the world will be African, and the missing element here one of the missing elements is finance. And this is where Britain comes in.

“…Britain comes in, the city of London and Britain comes actually through the Department of International Development. So today I am absolutely delighted to announce a partnership with the Bank of England where we’re going to be working with regulators in African countries, to get the right structures for these economies.

“I am delighted to announce a currency fund to allow people British investors and other to overcome some of the currency problems in investing in Africa but above all I am proud to talk about some pretty old fashioned British values and one of those is humility and another one of these is innovation and the third one is absolute pragmatism, this is really going to work, if we can get the best of our British officials and businesses to be on the ground get their feet dirty understand what it means to get a roof on top of the building in Zambia, understand what it means to get blueberries from a market in Zimbabwe right all the way to Tesco’s, get those things together get the people get the finance we will find that African prosperity will drive global prosperity global prosperity will drive British prosperity and we will be giving something to Africa and my goodness will be, learning a great deal from Africa and benefiting from it in return.” WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: