Mnangagwa Loyalist Says Chamisa Is An Imposter, Challenges MDC Supporters To Insult Him.
10 May 2019
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Anglistone Sibanda leader of the Mnangagwa sympathetic Civic Society And Churches joint Forum captured demonstrating against MDC MPs at parliament.

By Anglistone Sokhulu Sibanda, Civic Society & Churches Joint Forum (CSCJF) Chairman|I have always stood my ground and got so many insults from the jecharists that Chamisa is an impostor of a none existent party.

The MDCA is a phantom party that is based on lies, trickery and percieved popularity.

I am surprised that David Colart is shocked at the High Court rulling. I am not a lawyer but l analyse things.

I dont know what kind of weed we have smoked as Zimbabweans to believe such a lie.

Based on facts: the appointment of Chamisa and Mudzuri by Tsvangirai was illegal.

The interim leader of the MDCT that is presumably one of the Alliance partners is Thokozani Khuphe, the Secretary General is Douglas Mwonzora, Tendai Biti, Jacob Mafume, Kucaca Phulu and co are PDP, Prof Welshman Ncube and crew have their own party.

Now the million dollar question is: the MPs and councillors that were elected, which party do they belong to?

The rulling simply takes us back to 2016 and techinally nullifies the MDCA because the Alliance was premised of falsehoods that Chamisa leads the MDCT where he was ANOINTED by the late Tsvangirai.
As l earlier indicated, the MPs and councillors belong to the party whose papers were submitted to ZEC during nomination and that is MDC led by Prof Ncube.

As things stand Ncube is the legitimate leader of a party that has MPs and councillors, Chamisa himself confirmed it recently being interviewed by Zenzele Ndebele.

What this means is that there is nothing called MDCA and going to congress which constitution are they going to use?
The MDC led by Ncube has Ncube as its President and PDP has Biti as its President, Chamisa and his veciforous legion have no party.

I wonder what on basis are learned colleagues like David Coltart seek to appeal the rulling because it affects the MDCT thereby destroying the foundations of the Alliance.

The nominations of Ncube, Biti, Mafume and company into the MDCA whose parties have not gone to congresses to make a resolution to disband and form a new party is yet another time bomb awaiting the MDCA. It takes one member of these parties to approach the courts.
This means the MDCA is a fake party like l said before.

I do not see the Supreme court setting aside the High Court rulling.
An appeal is just an academic exercise like the August 2018 Concort application on election results.

The problem is that our colleagues in the MDC are so obsessed with power and they are intolerant to indipendent and sober views. They dismiss you and label you as ZANU and CIO when you dare tell the truth.

Its sad that we are building a cult that does not adhere to truth nor the tenents of democracy.

Mobocracy is not a solution to Zimbabwe’s governance challenge.
I am ready to take the insults..