Letter To My President: “Is This Why We Celebrated November 2017 With The Soldiers?”
11 May 2019
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Good Morning Mr. President.

Last night my brothers car broke down a few meters after state house. As he knew it was a restricted disembarked from the vehicle and proceeded to push his car towards the botanical gardens. Please not the car broke down in the area between Royal Hahare Golf club and the ministry of Agriculture.

Soldiers proceeded to brutally assault him for some time and because his phone was off he could not call anyone for help. According to him they attacked him, made him do physical exercises, roll around in dust, take off his shoes so that they hit under his feet, punched and slapped him.

After they let him go he continued to push his car away from the zone and when he was in a region where he felf he was safe he slept. At 07:00 this morning the botanical garden’s guard went to offer him help to contact family. When my mother got there to assist the guard said he saw the brutal attack but could not assist as he was fearing the soldiers would beat him too.

As my brother tells this story he cries because mentally he is failing to comprehend why he was subjected to such torment.

Is this why we celebrated in November 2017 with the soldiers?

Is this what your new dispensation is?

You will probably not respond to this or care but I needed it on record that I put it forward to my president that this is what transpired while he was spending a sunday evening with his family. Brutal torture of one of his citizens by men who are meant to be protecting us.

This is not a special case, this has been happening since your predecessor was in power. I kight live to regret this post but with such from our armed forces and the situation in Zimbabwe now kusiri kufa ndekupi.

I respect you and your office.

My name is Kuda Nyemba and this is not a ghost Facebook account