Highlanders Downfall Beyond Madinda Ndlovu’s Abilities – Opinion
12 May 2019
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Madinda Ndlovu

By Ezra “Tshisa” Sibanda| Highlanders demise is not caused by the coaches, fans or players. It is caused by the old cabal of unelected cluless divisive Board members who interfere with the running of the club. You can change coaches like underwears but the results will be the same as long as that bunch of oldies are still interfering with Bosso administrative issues. It’s clear there are benefits at Highlanders. l dont see why the supposedly advisory Board always dig their hands into administrative issues and interfere daily with elected executive committee business at the Club.

Since 2006, the last we time Bosso won championship, members of Executive Committees have been voted in and out but the same faces in the Board still remain. The only way a Board member vacate their position was/is through death or resignation, otherwise they would remain there for life despite any shortcomings. This Board has been manipulating members of different Executive Committees ever since, causing division and interfering with club affairs for their selfish interests. The oldies enjoy violating the Club constitution willy nilly, knowing the current chair knows nothing about the Club and football in general.

The cabal would take advantage of weak and naive chairmen like they just did with Mhlophe who assumed Bosso chairmanship by default. Because they helped him to that position, he has to allow himself to be controlled and taking all the instructions from them hence this chaos at the Club now. The Board disqualified Maphepha who would have beaten Mhlophe hands down, disqualified him in the last minute so that no one else would have thrown their own name to replace Maphepha to contest the position against Mhlophe. Bear in mind the current chairman lost elections for the position of Vice Chairman to the current Vice Chairman before, only to bounce back to be the Chairman of the club. Where do you find such a nonsensical arrangement, it can only be at Bosso, thanks to the insensitive Board.

The same people are quick to point fingers at people who question their behaviour. They would lie and create a stinking mantra to accuse those people who challenge them. The people with no roles at the Club are accused of trying to hijack the Club or be labelled as bad peopl with this tired argument of ‘kulabantu abafuna ukubulala iteam”. Surely a club created in 1926 can be hijacked or destroyed so easily for what and what’s there to gain? It’s just a selfish agenda to divert Bosso fans from the real issues affecting the Club and also shift the blame to others. The try so hard to find excuses for their failures, only fools would believe this out of sorts Bosso Board.

Now there is a cry to fire Madinda, for what? You leave people who are the root causes of the team failing and choose an easy target, the coaches why? Demand answers from the Board which is now illegally in charge of club affairs using their puppet Chairman. You can change coaches like underwear & results will be the same as long as this Board remains. In medicine, it’s easy to understand the difference between treating the symptoms and curing the condition. A broken wrist, for example, really hurts! But painkillers will only take away the symptoms, you will need a different treatment to help your bones heal properly.

Bosso will never die, Tshilamoya belongs to the people, not the bunch of clueless Board members who never kicked or played football for Highlanders FC let alone school football. They don’t understand the players feelings, won’t understand coaches and have no emotional attachment to Highlanders FC. Why would we have a Board that has never benefited Highlanders anyhow. Why cant we be like foorball clubs from all over the world which include their former players when selecting Board Members. In Bosso there is no single Ex Player in the Board or Executiv or Office, or Club House or even a cleaner yet there are unemployed Bosso legends & former players roaming the streets with no income at all. No one cares about them but selfish individuals abusing power and authority for their personal and friends interests #asifunibumbulu