Church Narrates How Walter Magaya Performed A Shock Miracle
13 May 2019
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Walter Magaya with the healed Tinashe Mutseyekwa

Media Statement By PHD Ministries|Tinashe healed of strange physical complication through the anointed touch of Prophet Dr W. Magaya

Tinashe Mutseyekwa developed a strange physical complication which affected his walking to the extent that he ended up failing to walk upright. According to Tinashe, he fell in love with a married woman and one day he visited the woman at her residential place and slept with her there, not knowing that the woman was married. After being intimate Tinashe saw a mobile phone on the table in the woman’s house and upon asking who the owner was, the woman refused to tell him about the owner.

Out of jealousy and anger, Tinashe took the mobile phone and went out. When he was at the exit gate, he was met by the husband who queried what he was doing at their [husband] home during such odd hours as it was in the evening. The man commanded him to get back inside and called his wife outside. Upon querying what Tinashe was doing, the wife denied knowledge of him and called him a thief. She claimed that Tinashe had got into the house through the window and stole a mobile phone. Having labeled him a thief, they shouted to their neighbours and immediately gathered and started beating Tinashe. After beating him, he was taken to the police and was later sent to Chikurubi Prison where he served 2 months.

Within 24 hours of being in prison, he started feeling strange abdominal pains which then worsened into complications that hindered his normal walking. He remained in that state until the day he left prisoned. During the days of his imprisonment, he was visited by Tilder Moyo [one of the local journalists and radio presenters] and interviewed him. The video of the interview went viral including on YouTube.

For 8 months Tinashe continued to walk in that difficult state until he came to the Arena of liberty today [12th May 2019] upon which he received the anointed touch of Prophet Dr W. Magaya and immediately got healed. He started walking upright and was further blessed with Water of Life and Anointing oil to administer when back at home in order to strengthen his body which had become disabled for 8 months. From that moment until now, Tinashe is now walking upright and normal like any other person, for God’s glory.

Towards the end of the service, Tildar Moyo finally arrived after having received thousands of calls from people summoning her to rush to PHD Ministries. She also confirmed the account of Tinashe as true.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.