Just In: ZANU PF Youths Attack Chief Ndiweni
15 May 2019
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Jane Mlambo| ZANU PF youths have reportedly attacked Ntabazinduna Chief Nhlanhla Felix Ndiweni over his recent remarks that President Emmerson Mnangagwa will leave office soon.

According to an eye witness in Bulawayo, the ruling party youths attempted to take Chief Ndiweni’s vehicle which he got from government.

“They wanted to take his vehicle and he asked them to remove his stuff,” said the eye witness who preferred anonymity.

Ndiweni attracted the ire of ZANU PF leaders over his Mnangagwa remarks with Matemadanda warning that the popular traditional leader was playing with fire.

Ndiweni has also called for more sanctions on Zimbabwe saying the current government had brought more misery to the majority.

Below are pictures of Chief Ndiweni’s scuffle with ZANU PF youths in Bulawayo.