Mthwakazi Ready To Die For Chief Ndiweni
15 May 2019
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Chief Ndiweni with MRP President Mqondisi Moyo

Media Statement|Nothing Treasonous About What Chief Ndiweni Said – MRP President

The Second Republic of Emmerson Mnangagwa has finally revealed its true colours. This week has seen Zanu PF thugs issuing vain threats and innuendos against our esteemed Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni. The only crime that the Chief has done, is to resist chaos and political delinquency on his land.

When Mnangagwa assumed power in 2017 after a coup against Robert Mugabe, the majority of the people of this nation fell into the deception of viewing Mnangagwa as a reformer. MRP and a few Mthwakazi progressive forces weathered the storms of insults, as unpatriotic and hostile institutions. One notorious Twitter message even circulated and it read ” Mugabe removed and only Mthwakazi Republic Party is not celebrating”. We appeared like fools then, but today we are vindicated. We knew Mnangagwa was a broken man. A man with no iota of decency.

It is not a surprise to us today that our Chief is under attack for defending his people’s land from being looted by the tribal and military regime. What troubles us is that all the land shenanigans of this government in Matebeleland involve occupants of Shona ethnicity, a replica of what happened during the white colonial era.

The Defence and War Veterans Welfare Deputy Minister, Victor Matemadanda, frothing from the corners of his ugly mouth, threatens Chief Ndiweni with unspecified action. When does a people’s Chief become a national security threat for standing for his people, black and white to demand justice and accountability?. Chief Ndiweni’s calls for western governments to prolong targeted sanctions on ZANU PF elements is not an issue if Mnangagwa and his puppies are operating within the confines of the democratic international norms and standards. In fact Mthwakazi Republic Party will soon be officially consulting with the international community to extend and toughen these targeted sanctions against the evil Zimbabwean leaders.

We are fully behind the efforts by Chief Ndiweni and other level headed chiefs of our land, and we warn government to stay away from our sacred mountain and get their filthy hands off our chiefs. If there will be war in this country, it will start from that mountain.

This land invasion is systematically happening in almost all Mthwakazi space. Our people have been served with eviction notices everywhere. Let’s all be prepared to defend our forefathers’ land even to death. Let’s embrace the slogan ” LAND OR DEATH.

We call for our Mthwakazi freedom fighters, the Zipra veterans to step to the defence of our chiefs on the issue of land. We also encourage our farmers, black and white to resist and speak out against this political rot. We invite all those whose conscience still ticks, to rise and say enough is enough. No more Gukurahundi in Matebeleland (Mthwakazi).

We salute our Chiefs and pledge to defend them against any tribal invasion.

Instead the best candidates for treasonous charges are Emerson Mnangangwa the current President of Zimbabwe, Constantine Guveya Chiwenga the current Vice President, Perence Shiri the current Minister of Land, Agriculture and Resettlement, Sydney Sekeramayi and Robert Mugabe the then Prime minister of Zimbabwe, all of them are guilty of the Genocide crimes of 1982- 1987 and they belong to the International Criminal Court of Justice( ICC) and as MRP we will not rest until Truth and Justice is instituted against them.

Sisonke Sibambene Singu Mthwakazi Sizokulungisa

For Peace and Justice in Our Lifetime

Mqondisi Moyo
MRP President