Zim Cricketer’s Wife Mugged By Four Armed Men
15 May 2019
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Jane Mlambo| Zimbabwe cricketer Brendan Taylor’s wife was mugged by four men who were driving a red Honda Fit outside their house two days ago amid reports of an increased number of robberies since the beginning of massive load shedding in the country.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, Taylor narrated the events that unfolded outside their house when four armed men who were driving a red Honda Fit descended on his wife who was coming home.

“Just had an alarming situation outside my house, I was waiting for my wife’s return in my driveway. I started hearing her screaming about 100m from my gate, she was getting mugged by 4 armed men. I ran outside and they sped away in red Honda Fit.

“Fortunately she only lost her handbag and it could of been a lot worse. People are getting desperate, be vigilant when entering your property and try keep off the roads after dark. With all this load shedding we’re easy targets,” said Taylor.

Reports of muggings since the intensification of load shedding have been many especially in Harare.