Chiwenga Missing As Several Ambulances Rush To His Assistance Over Days
17 May 2019
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By Own Correspondent | Vice President Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga is unwell again barely 3 months after his medical trip to India and as his boss Emmerson Mnangagwa revealed, he also failed to attend the political dialogue meeting at the Harare International Conference Centre.

The former Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander who removed former president Robert Mugabe, has for weeks crept out of the public eye and been spending more time indoors. ZimEye also found that he has been skipping church for the past three weeks.

Sources privy to the developments told ZimEye, that VP Chiwenga has for nearly 3 weeks to date been summoning ambulances full of medics to his rescue at his home residence.

Sources told ZimEye:

“He has been quiet and more indoors lately.”

Other sources also told ZimEye: “different ambulances full of medics are regularly being summoned to him whereever he will be, including his house.

“This is happening just about every other day,” they added albeit failing to reveal if the ambulances are civilian or military ones.

When Mnangagwa flew to Botswana earlier in the month, he left the country in the hands of Chiwenga’s side-swipe, Kembo Mohadi, another infirm.

Today more eyebrows were raised as VP Chiwenga, who was recognised in his absence has also been conspicously absent in parliament, a development which has seen opposition legislators raise the issue to the speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda on Wednesday.

Addressing delegates at the National Dialogue launch Friday, Mnangagwa recognised Chiwenga in absentia.

He however said regarding the National Dialogue launch:

“This marks a significant history in our Second Republic. It’s the first of its kind in Zimbabwe and the dialogue will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on our politics and help contribute to the economic turnaround… It must a platform through which we proffer solutions to the challenges that affect us as a people the culture of dialogue must be synonymous with us a s a people and as a nation it must lead us into improving our democratic practices and our culture. It must lead us to compete while guided by national interest.”

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