Zimbabweans Tell ED He Needs To Engage Chamisa
17 May 2019
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Jane Mlambo| Zimbabweans have warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa against engaging in dialogue with powerless political parties and find common ground with opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa if he is to entertain any hopes of achieving turning around the country’s economic fortunes.

Soon after the official launch of the Political Actors Dialogue Platform (POLAD) in Harare today, Mnangagwa tweeted a group picture with all the 2018 presidential candidates except Chamisa and a few others.

But he got a rude awakening after Zimbabweans swarmed his Twitter account with calls to dump all the political leaders and talk to Chamisa.

Read messages below.

Isaac Mutsau: Key stakeholders are not there. Therefore what we see is just a gathering of politicians enjoying tax payer’s money. Otherwise there is not much to expect from it.

Peter Evans: ED , ED, ED how many did l call you? Simply call that young man tonight wega and you see everything zvichiendeka, kumagumo kune nyaya , remember it’s you who told me that.

Lawrence: All these people with you there are already on your side; the one you need (Chamisa) is the one you are avoiding; when you engage him tge true dialogue begins. For now mahumbwe.

M-Jay: Kodak moment with the political nonentities. These theatrics must stop Mr President. Our country is burning. The only dialogue needed is between you and @nelsonchamisa. Leave the excesses out. They bring nothing of value to this dialogue. We didn’t vote for them!

DocLawo: Lol dialogue of one illegitimate soul and a bunch of so called leaders with no followers. You are insincere in your approach to this political dialogue – for that reason nothing will change chief. Consider a one on one with those frm whom the vote was stolen. Simple