Chaotic Bulawayo Province ZANU PF Elections Nullified
19 May 2019
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Jabulani Sibanda disqualified

Own Correspondent|Bulawayo has once again proven itself to be a difficult area for political parties to operate after the ruling ZANU PF like all other parties before it, failed to conclude internal elections without commotion.

The ZANU PF leadership assigned to conduct elections in the city nullified all the results from the weekend elections after some preferred senior party officials failed to win the elections.

Cephas Ncube was named chairperson in a restructuring election where all other results were nullified because “the result threatened elders in the party.”

The province held elections for all positions over the weekend, after the dissolution of structures meant to revive Zanu-PF and end a 19 year losing streak to the opposition MDC in Bulawayo.

Sources from within the party revealed that former war veterans chairperson Jabulani Sibanda who was favourite to clinch the chairpersonship was disqualified under unclear circumstances.

The sources said youths whose ages range between 20 and 36 years made a clean sweep of the other posts that were voted for sending the party into panic mode.

“Raj Modi was upstaged by a 36 year old candidate for the finance chairperson position and youths ran rampant beating older candidates in the other positions. Celebrations had already started when it was announced that elections had been stopped, all results expect those for the chairperson were being withheld. Later we were told the results had been nullified,” said a party youth.

“We have always said the revival of Zanu-PF lay in the removal of the old guard and replacing them with young blood that has fresh ideas and the party has stopped the revolution even as it is starting. The process is inevitable and the time has come, youths shall not be denied.”