Meet Your Candidates: Aspiring VP Lynette Karenyi Kore
21 May 2019
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Lynette Karenyi Kore

Lynette Karenyi’s focus has always been hardwork, unity and victory for the MDC party and it’s President.


It all started in 1999. In 1999, she was ward 16 secretary before she was elevated to become the district secretary for Mutare North in 2000.

In 2003, she became the first elected MDC Councillor for ward 16 and joined Mutare city council. 2006 saw her become the provincial secretary for Manicaland province before she became the national Organising secretary for the Assembly of Women in 2007.

Karenyi was then elected as the member of parliament for Chimanimani west in 2008. In this 7th parliament, she chaired the local government committee and was also in the speaker’s panel.

At the party level, she was re elected national organiser for the Women’s Assembly before landing the National Chairperson’s role in the same wing in 2014. She has been at the helm of the Women’s Assembly from 2014 to date.


Lynette Karenyi

Karenyi is a political activist, MDC Assembly of Women Chairperson and MP for Manicaland. She is also a Women’s Rights Activist besides currently contesting for MDC VP Post .

When Karenyi was elected to the Zimbabwean Parliament in 2008, she became the first Zimbabwean opposition female legislator to ever win a parliamentary seat in a rural constituency.

She later became the 3rd Assembly of Women Chairperson in the MDC serving exceptionally well from 2014 to date.

In 2018 , she became the first woman Chairlady in MDC history to campaign for the President and the party nationwide addressing rallies and door to door campaigns that brought positive results to MDC and President Nelson Chamisa.

As Women Chairperson, Karenyi has always been active in MDC political campaign groups and campaigned for MDC 2018 Presidential Nominee.

She said:

“I am inspired to work for the people because i have the people at heart and I want to fight the continued suffering of citizens under the Zanu Regime.

I have been nominated to be VP for the party and I am cherishing the possiblity of winning and taking up the challenge. I am fully aware of the responsibilities of such a high office and I am also aware of the people’s expectations.

The people want a VP that will support President Nelson Chamisa to win and also ensure we get the majority in parliament.

I also understand the need to fight and create a gender balanced MDC. I also intend to foster unity and build a radical rural base that will bring our party votes.

Turning to Parliament my task is to push for reforms that will guarantee a political level ground for Zimbabwe.”

In doing so, Karenyi revealed a 10 point plan that will guide her Leadership Ethics as VP at the same time meeting expectations of many MDC supporters who want leaders that deliver change than mere talking.

This is because she believes that she is not a mere leader but “a people’s servant who is always walking the Talk”.

Lynette Karenyi addressing an MDC-T rally recently


“Karenyi as leader has always known how to do the right thing. It may be difficult to define exactly what “right” is, but in my case, focus has always been hardwork, unity and victory for the MDC party and it’s President.

My Mission is to support President Chamisa and MDC’s vision of free democractic and successful Zimbabwe through this 10 POINT PLAN.

  1. Justice – Promoting an MDC that is always Democratic, fair, and just. Under Lynette Kore as VP, all members have no reason to fear biased treatment on the basis of gender, ethnicity, nationality, or any other factor.
  2. Respect Others – Lynette promises to respect all MDC members by listening to everyone attentively, valuing everyone’s contributions, being compassionate, and being generous while considering opposing viewpoints.
  3. Honesty – Honesty is particularly important to be an effective ethical leader, because MDC followers trust honest and dependable leaders. who supports the President and party vision
  4. Humane – I place importance in being kind, and act in a manner that is always beneficial to the MDC.
  5. Focus on building The MDC – I promise to foster a sense of community and team spirit within the MDC. My goal is an MDC that achieves its set targets of democratically removing Zanu from power
  6. Value driven decision-making – I will ensure that all decisions are first checked and are in line with the President and party mandate
  7. Encourages initiatives – It is my intention to encourage intiatives that attracts voters. In the past I intiated programmes Like Mhou Ne Mhuru and Dzoka uyamwe for the Diaspora, Transformation of rural voters to believe in the MDC
  8. Lead by Example – I will not just talk but always walk the talk. It is my wish to help the President and the party in the recruitment of new members for the MDC.
  9. Value Awareness – Regularly formulating, communicating, and executing ways to win and removing Zanu is key to my values.
  10. No Tolerance to Party violations
    Don’t expect Lynette to overlook or tolerate those who disregard party Leadership and direction

In conclusion if you elect Lynette Karenyi as one of your VPS you have elected a servant of the people and the party. It is also my hope to mentor the future MDC generation to be leaders of tomorrow.”

A New Zimbabwe Is Possible!