Remains Of Botswana Man Missing Since August Found Decomposed In Zimbabwe
21 May 2019
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Maitengwe Border Post

Own Correspondent|Botswana police have confirmed the death of a missing man from Maitengwe in that country whose remains were found in Zimbabwe last week.

The 62-year-old man of was reported missing on the 17th of August last year only for his bones to be found along Maitengwe border last Monday.

Officer Commanding for No:15 District, Kabo Badirwang, confirmed the report to The Voice Newspaper of Botswana.

“We got the report from the Zimbabwe Republic police on the 7th of May this year that a passerby found human bones in Nsekesa cattlepost which is next to Magola village in Zimbabwe. They informed us because they knew that we had been searching for a missing person.

“We then sent our pathologist who together with our Zimbabwean counterparts confirmed that indeed the remains belonged to the missing man. We also went there last week to meet with Zimbabwe police for further investigations.

“The results have shown that the bones have been in that bush for a long time as they were in isolated pieces. It was mainly the skull that ignited the suspicion that the remains were for a human being,” revealed the police chief.

Badirwang further said he did not rule out the possibility of foul play but said investigations into the matter were underway.

The remains have since been handed over to the family for burial.

Last year Botswana police official, Jerry Halahala sent an SOS to his Zimbabwean counterparts that the old man went missing when he was on his way from work.

He was working as a security guard for Radial in the Kurujenaa area near the border with Zimbabwe guarding gorvenment boreholes.

It was said that he left on the 17th of August on his bicycle which was found on the day that the report was made.