Meet Your Candidate: Fanuel Chinowaita
23 May 2019
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Fanuel Chinowaita

Fanuel Chinowaita is the aspiring National Deputy Spokesperson of the MDC Youth Assembly who believes that unity is key in the MDC. He values the importance of communication and togetherness towards one purpose in any democracy adding that as a young and skilled man, he has what it takes to deputise in the party’s youth wing communication department.

Political career

Chinowaita joined MDC in 2007 in Manicaland as an ordinary card carrying member before he became the Secretary for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs for ward 6, Harare Central in 2010.

In 2013, he became the Secretary for Security and Defence, Harare Central District before landing the National Spokesperson of MDC Students Council in 2015.

Chimowaita has been in the Information Department for MDC Youth Assembly since 2016 where his contribution is clearly visible.

“Publicity of youths activities has been one of my priorities since I have been writing articles for the MDC Youth Assembly and covering Youth Assembly events such as #MyZimbabwe Campaign.”

Why MDC delegates should vote for me.

He said:

“I am an effective communicator due to my professional background as a journalist. My skills enable me to know how to handle any issues in the Information Department.
My previous experience enable me to communicate party issues comprehensively.


Chinowaita says:

“It is not about wanting to get power but it’s about what is in me. I am already in a position to speak and also project the MDC brand in the correct light. I also have the confidence in what I believe in as a young MDC cadre and I want to give back to the party by donating my expertise.

Final words

“As we are going to the congress,  let’s unite in choosing the leaders who are capable. The leaders that can liberate Zimbabwe from this coup government led by Dambudzo Mnangagwa.”

Victory is certain