Jailed Rapist Brags Of Using Goblin To Get Rich
5 June 2019
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The Chikurubi Maximum Prisoners band leader Felix Sadza confessed that he was jailed for raping a 14-year-old, adding that while he committed the offence, he was not supposed to be caught.

Felix notes that schooling like what other prisoners do is not into him because he likes singing and dancing.

“I am the band leader and also the choir master amongst all the prisoners,” he said.

He also notes that he once had a goblin and was once tsikamutanda in Karoi.

“I once had a goblin which every year was supposed to kill my relative so that I become rich.

“I was also capable of helping people to catch witches and wizards making payments in form of cattle,” said Sadza.

Sadza alleged that he raped but he wasn’t supposed to be caught but then people saw that he was making a lot of money whilst his relatives were dying. To take care of his children and make money he is also doing business though he is a prisoner.

“I used to have three wives but they all went away when my father returned my goblin because they realised that they had been sleeping with goblin to make me rich.

“Though I am 28, I already have nine children and only five of them still visit me.

“My relatives became jealous because I was making money and they reported me.

“To take care of my children whilst I am still in prison, I make shoes, hats, ladies’ hand bags and sell them or do barter trade with the other prisoners,” said Sadza.

One of the police officers who engaged in a conversation with Sadza’s father said Sadza’s father has been telling them that they have been seeing his son around the streets and sometimes he comes home so they suspect he’s still being used by the goblin.-HMetro