Love Birds Busted, Mistress, Hubby Hauled To Court
7 June 2019
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By Own Correspondent- All hell broke loose when a woman on the lookout for her husband busted him looking lovey-dovey with his mistress before she accosted them in a scene reminiscent of the television series Cheaters.

After being busted, Adam Phiri got a public tongue lashing from his furious wife, Agnes Phiri, supposedly demanding that he decide who he wanted to be with between her and his mistress Charity Mukandawire.

With the rage of a broken heart, Agnes also confronted Charity, who reportedly admitted to dating her husband.

Fearing for her life and public humiliation, Charity reportedly ran away leaving her sandals that were later confiscated by Agnes as evidence that she had indeed caught her red-handed with her husband.

The amusing dramatic incident reportedly happened in full view of onlookers at How Mine shops on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

Details of the incident also unfolded on Friday last week at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Agnes was suing her husband and his alleged mistress  —Charity — for economically and emotionally abusing her through their adulterous relationship.

Instead of catering for the basic needs of the family, Agnes said her husband was spending his money on Charity. 

She said Adam had even stopped paying school fees for their children.

“Adam Phiri is my husband and we are married under the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11. He has gone violent and has beaten me up on several occasions, the latest being on 11 April this year. This was after I asked him where he had been after he arrived home at around 1am. 

“He has numerous girlfriends, one of them being Charity Mukandawire and he no longer financially supports the family. Whenever I ask him about his affair with Charity he turns violent and assaults me in the presence of the children. 

“I discovered the relationship in November last year. What is greatly affecting me is that he is no longer bringing money home as he spends it with Charity. They are always together even at football matches,” said a disappointed Agnes.

Agnes said she loved her husband and it broke her heart to see him cheating on her.

Turning to Charity, Agnes said she was a “gold-digger” who was squandering her husband’s money at the expense of his family.

“She is my husband’s girlfriend.  She is enjoying my husband’s money at the expense of his family. On 10 May I caught her red-handed with my husband at How Mine shops. When I busted them she ran away leaving her sandals which I took and I’m still in possession of them. 

“When I reported her to her aunt she chided me saying my husband was a dog and playboy who was going after every woman he meets,” said Charity.

In response both Charity and Adam, although they admitted to seeing each other before, however, said they had since terminated the relationship.

“I admit that I was in a relationship with her husband, but we have since terminated the relationship. I didn’t know that he was married,” responded Charity.

Agnes, however, refuted the claims that they were no longer together saying the two parties — Adam and Charity — were still madly in love.

That led Charity to receive a stern reprimand from the presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga who said by dating married men she was dicing with jail as she risked being sued for adultery.

She was also advised to apologise to Agnes for believing Adam’s lies that he was not married.

The magistrate also ordered Adam not to verbally, physically and emotionally abuse his wife.-BMetro