Daring Thief Rewards S_ex Worker With Stolen Phone
9 June 2019
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By Own Correspondent- A man from Lupane has been arrested after he allegedly stole a cellphone and used it to pay for sexual services.

The incident happened last week on Wednesday at Lupane Business Centre.

A court heard  that  Thulani Moyo was relaxing while having  beer with his drinking mate Dumisani Zikhali. Later on they were joined by a sex worker.

The court heard that Moyo stole Zikhali’s Hisense cellphone worth  RTGS$120. It is alleged Moyo used it to pay the sex worker. 

It is said on the following day, Zikhali saw the unsuspecting sex worker using his cellphone. 

Zikhali made a report at Lupane Police Station leading to Moyo’s arrest.

Moyo appeared before Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku facing a theft charge.

He pleaded guilty.

“Your Worship, I had to steal his cellphone because he owes me RTGS$80.00. I have been asking for my money for the past four months but he has been making empty promises. As a result I decided to steal his cellphone and gave it to a friend of mine who is a sex worker,”he said. 

Zikhali denied that he owed Moyo that much.

“He always asks me to buy him beer and we agreed that we will subtract from the amount I owe him. As far as I know I now owe him RTGS$20. In most instances I buy him supper before we drink beer,” he said.

Masuku remanded him out of custody to next week Wednesday.-StateMedia