Selmor Mtukudzi Takes Over Her Late Father’s Duties
22 September 2019
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State Media|SELMOR Mtukudzi’s appointment as Impala Car Rental brand ambassador is not a cap and t-shirt affair.

Selmor Mtukudzi’s appointed as Impala Car Rental brand ambassador
Selmor Mtukudzi’s appointed as Impala Car Rental brand ambassador

The deal, which will be renewed annually, involves a brand new PA system, a truck to ferry the sound system to and from gigs, funding for the singer’s upcoming album and a “five-star” album launch for the new release.

This was revealed by Impala Car Rental boss, Thompson Dondo, on the sidelines of the official event that installed Selmor as the company’s brand ambassador. Dondo said, they are excited to continue with what they began with the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi, Selmor’s father.

“We did two years, 2014 and 2015, with Tuku (Oliver Mtukudzi) as our brand ambassador. Now, we are continuing with his daughter. I’m a big fan of Tuku Music, of the late superstar and of his daughter Selmor. I’m going to play my part in helping grow her brand and career,” said Dondo.

Selmor is currently shuttling between South Africa and Zimbabwe, working on an album with different producers and artistes under the stewardship of Steve Dyer.

“Her album is due for release on January 30, 2020. I was at Steve Dyer’s house a few days ago, where they have been working on some of the tracks for her upcoming project. I can safely say that Tuku Music is in very safe hands. Selmor is going to blow up. She is going to be the best artiste in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA)’s acting chief executive Givemore Chidzidzi, who was guest of honour at the event, said Selmor’s selection as the brand ambassador for Impala Car Rental was on point.

“When someone is chosen to be brand ambassador, there is something about them. This speaks to your popularity and character. I would like to congratulate Selmor for being chosen among many,” said Chidzidzi.

The ZTA boss also praised Impala Car Rental for being “imaginative and always taking the initiative”.

Selmor herself was at a loss for words when she took to the podium to give her acceptance speech.

“I have wanted this for so long. To represent a brand this big. It’s unfortunate Dr Tuku is not here to see and be proud,” she said, almost choking with emotion.

She thanked Impala for believing in her: “I’m humbled that you chose me to be your ambassador.”

Selmor put icing on the cake with a splendid performance of both her songs and her late father’s. She had the crowd spellbound throughout her set with choreographed dance moves that her father was well-known for. The Mtukudzi clan came out in full force to support Selmor. In attendance were all her three aunties, her father’s sisters Bybit, Beulah and Mildred, stepsister Sybil and her mother Melody Murape.

Selmor also got a word of caution from Impala Group board chairman Philip Ncube, who in his speech urged Selmor to be humble like her father.

“When Tuku came to us, he was a much bigger brand than we were. But, he was humble and we were able to work with him. Will you (Selmor) be humble?” he asked rhetorically.

Continuing to direct his message at the singer, the chairman said: “For you to be successful, remove the element of greediness in your life. If you have any issues or problems, talk to us.”

Selmor’s ambassadorship comes on the back of her one-week-old addition to the line-up that is set to play at a gig meant to memorialise her father. When the initial poster came out, Selmor was not on the line-up. There was an outcry from music fans, who questioned why a Tuku memorial gig would not feature his most well-known daughter, who is an accomplished artiste in her own right.

Her inclusion on the line-up a week ago was met with jubilation from music fans.