Robert Mugabe -One man, 2 Coffins, 2 Burials, 5 Funerals, 1 Empty Mausoleum
30 September 2019
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BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA| A thick dark mystery hangs over the location of former president Robert Mugabe’s real grave, as the family was filmed dropping down 6 feet a new coffin whose contents were never forensically proven to be the centurion’s real remains. This also came at a time when another burial was conducted, a secret one, in which the family said they only buried his clothes. They were telling the truth, right! Right, right?

When the family secretly removed the body in Zvimba earlier in mid September and brought a new coffin to Harare, the spokesman Leo said it was all done just so to utilise a tamper-proof casket. Was he telling the truth that Bob is inside the new expensive thing?

It is very clear that Robert Mugabe is:
-One man
-2 Coffins.
-5 Funerals.
-2 Burials.

To date the family has been nothing but secretive and a lot of money spent as the body was priced above the lives of millions of Zimbabweans.

During the last 40 years of his life, he was guarded. Even in death comrade Mugabe was heavily protected. His body came as the most valuable corpse on earth. All this because of the fear of Juju.
Juju “magic” may seem strange, mythical and other-worldly but it is a problem that is all too real when Juju, an object that has been deliberately infused with magical power or the magical powers itself; it also can refer to the belief system involving the use of juju. Zimbabwe was exposed to the belief and use of juju or black magic during the funeral of Robert Mugabe, Leo Mugabe stunned the nation by stating that the former first lady was afraid that the government will steal Robert Mugabe’s body and use it for strength or juju so to speak. While the use of juju came out in Zimbabwe its assumptions are shared by most African people. It is neither good nor bad, but it may be used for constructive purposes as well as for nefarious deeds. The word juju is believed to be derived from the French joujou (“plaything”), though some sources claim it is from the Nigerian language, meaning “fetish” or “evil spirit.”

The revelations that there is actual fear, that Mugabe’s body could be used as a source of power was shocking and laughable.

Zimbabwe is still under the political stage where powers from above are sourced and believed to be still the deciding factor.
Each time towards elections politicians are seen visiting the witch doctors to get guidance from above. This mentality has been so repugnant and backward. The country is still run by those who believe in supernatural powers.

Mugabe was seen towards elections attending Mapostori churches for guidance and power.

Even the younger leaders made a bee line opening round mud houses seeking out the occupants who are believed to be all powerful. During the ZANU PF power struggle Kasukuwere was a constant visitor at Ndunges kraal where he was introduced by Porusingazi.

In Chipinge several accidents were attributed to rituals which were believed to br cleansing and giving power to those who needed it.

There was a constant guarding of Ndabaningi Sitholes grave as Manicaland politicians stampeded at his grave to get the power believed to have been possessed by Sithole.

It is no shock then that Mugabe is believed to have possessed so much power that the power is believed to be launched in his bones.

Rumours started travelling that Mugabe’s body will give powers to those who will get control of it.

The belief was so rife that Mugabe had to be buried in the courtyard bricked and heavily fortified windows. The grave was covered and protected by concrete slabs strong enough to hold ten locomotive trains. The amount of cement applied was enough to build ten bridges. Such was the fear of body theft that journalists where allowed to film the inside of the grave so that the would be body thieves will be discouraged by the amount of security applied in the grave.

The superstitious behaviour exposed the mental capacity of the Mugabe family and the system at large.

Zimbabwean leaders have always been staunch believers of the juju spirits and mediums.

The whole nation was shocked when Rotina grade one medium claimed that there was Diesel oozing from Chinhoyi.

It was a sorry sight to see the honorables made to remove their shoes and sprayed with diesel. Mugabe then then president asked people to seriously investigate the source. It was later discovered that the nation has been taken for a ride.

Rumours again made rounds that there was a ghost seen at the State House and names where given to the ghost.
In this time and age we still have leaders who believed that an economy will be made right by the juju.

The voodoo economics. This belief is not only limited to the ruling party. Chamisa spent days in the mountain fasting for power. He even coined a slogan that “ God is in it”. He was shocked when God opted out of it.

The nation is actually doomed. There was a senior government officer who spent the whole night without shoes at the offices trying to spray juju for him to be made a perm sec. he was eventually made a perm sec and finally sitting as a Judge of the High court. Cry the beloved country even our courts are presided by witch seeking officers.

The irony of the matter is that no witch doctor was ever charged of obstructing the course of Justice. Yet criminals pay thousands to the witch doctors to gain power of winning their cases.

One writer Kennedy Mupomba explains the dip routed belief of the juju in courts. Mupomba was a prosecutor for a very long time in Zimbabwe.

Juju operates on the principle of spiritual contagious contact based on physical contact. The underlying belief is that two entities that have been in close contact have similar properties even after being separated. It then becomes possible to manipulate one in order to reach the other.

Thus, in that context, a person’s hair, fingernails, a piece of clothing, a shoe, a sock, or a piece of jewel worn by them are all perfect candidates for juju because they are believed to retain the spiritual aura of their owner. It is on this belief that Mugabes body was to be barricaded in such alarming proportions.

Likewise, it is thought that spiritual similarity can be created by deliberately placing two things in physical contact. The underlying belief is that spiritual assimilation and fusion will take place, with one entity absorbing the qualities of the other. Amulets, charms, and mascots are all common forms of juju. Usually worn for protective purposes, those objects have been infused with a particular type of energy, and wearing them is expected to create paths and possibilities for the wearer, as well as guard them against ill fortunes and evil spirits.

The Mugabe family were scared that Mugabe’s body maybe used as that contact.

There is belief that Mugabe’s powers will make one an even better leader than Mugabe. To this end Mugabe became a well guarded item even in death.

Africa continent has remained one place of shadow shredded in the mystery of progressive setbacks. Many individuals had tried to demystify the ever setbacks that have confounded the continent over centuries but to no avail.

The pattern of Africa’s distraught is seen in all her countries. There is such a constant shadow that had refused to give way to a dawn of new age, glory and honour. The thick nature of these dark shadows continues to haunt and taunt the continent and has left it with little or no room to find answers to many recurring questions.

The belief in Juju is still holding Zimbabwe back from realizing its full potentials? Africa has remained a fertile ground where all forms of human discomforts are grown.

Self-denial and lack of faith in its people continue to be a major illusion deluding the continent. Zimbabwe continues to sit in a mud and has not thought of rising up to wash off the dirt.

A country clothed in sacks wailing and weeping for her many pains and hopelessness. What has been the burden of darkness of the country? A veil of superstition still covers the face of the country allowing for constant darkness, mystery and illusion which nurture her dissipations.
Zimbabwe has long standing history of deep superstition composed in the beliefs of many uncertainties.

Strong beliefs in witchcraft, juju, gods, ancestors, black magic, sorcery, necromancy, ghost have converged as thick cloud over the minds of her citizens. Many Zimbabweans live in constant fear of these beliefs and strongly embrace them as a way of life. Witchcraft and wizardly prevail across the country and are employed largely to haul people down and even end their lives.

People use juju to procure fast riches and trigger their businesses and fight others in the contest of life. People put faith in juju in solving life problems on this part of the continent. Strong believes in gods and ancestors are found in almost all the countries in Africa. The gods according to strong Africa tradition dictate the pace of men and order their steps and above all control the affairs of men.

Huge sacrifices are made to these deities as well as the ancestors to avert misfortunes which are purely natural such as earthquake, flooding, outbreak of diseases, hunger. People invoke curses on their enemies in the name of God or of the gods and ancestors. Sorcery, necromancy and glare occultism prevail across the continent unabated. These are the roots of African superstition and it is deep seated in the minds of people and in the heart of the continent.

Zimbabwe has become the breeding ground for demons and dark spirits because most of the practices invite the presence of these forces of darkness.

Everything associated with misfortunes is hugely represented on the African continent. Hard-core poverty; hunger, diseases, wars, atrocities and sharing of innocent blood have found their seats on the continent. Religion, especially Christianity, teaches us that evil spirits have the tendency to torment; harass, destroy and even kill. These evil spirits draw their strength from placing strong faith in them. Evil spirits are call upon openly and libation made to them to employ their blessings.

Traditional priests and priestess known as Masvikiro are turning into preachers, some of them backing their teachings with the bible. The people are told that riches is brought by a wrist band. That water can make you Rich and can make you strong.

People have been conned in the name of God and nothing is done by those in power because they believe in the nonsense as well. Their worship is nothing more than traditional practices polished to suit modern age. Juju men call themselves prophets and assist people in getting juju to aid them in life.

There is open witchcraft on some parts of the continent. Religion has in some way come to deepen the superstition as critical and scientific or natural thinking have giving way to spirit-way-solution to all problems of life. There is a huge veil of superstition covering the face of the continent.

If a mighty hand had not moved against the country then how come the continent lacks the ability to utilize its numerous resources blessed with it by nature? How come wickedness continues to prevail across the country?

The veil of superstition is Zimbabwe’s huge burden which continues to constantly draw the continent into dissipation and hopelessness.

Our leaders are heartless and self-centered instead of human-centered. Some of them have dead conscience and have contributed largely to the sufferings of their citizens. Some of them employ juju (black magic) to ascend to power and use atrocities to curb their fellow countrymen. Hugely resourced but constantly begging for aid or assistance paint a clear picture of a damned country.

Superstition has robbed the politician from presenting himself a capable individual of leading his or her country; it has also robbed the businessman from generating new ideas as well as working hard to boost his business; the young man from pursuing healthy living but seek after juju for quick money. Superstition has encouraged the religious leader to use black magic to rob the ignorant; it has robbed some religious folks from enlightenment and continues to rob the continent of all good things that man through purpose, commitment and critical thinking or natural thinking could have acquired for himself. Superstition is the king of Zimbabwe who sits right in the minds of many people and dictates their pace in life.

Superstition will tell you that many sicknesses in the country are spirit borne; they were not there until some witches brought them. Think of this: pornography did not start in Zimbabwe but it has the highest prevailing sexual transmitted diseases.

Superstition will tell you people are poor because they are blindfolded or being pursued by evil spirits who will never permit them to come out even if an individual is given $1million. He will squander it and come back to enjoy his poverty.

Superstition has prevented many people from coming out from poverty. Superstition has made our leaders heartless and constantly employing black magic in politics to win power rather than presenting themselves as worthy serving citizens. The veil of superstition is so huge that a Zimbabwean dream of deliverance is long fetched.

A country of bloodshed, juju, and witchcraft and wizardly, occultism, ancestral worship, gods and false prophets and enchantments is full of darkness.
Zimbabweb look forward to the time where she will be purged completely from these superstitious stains which has crippled its development and uplifting. Everywhere in the Country has some level of superstitious stains which continue to darken the minds of people and prevent any critical or natural thinking as well as scientific thinking which is the main force behind the development of many countries of the world.
The shame cast upon us by the Zvimba people is too thick.

The belief that a dead president is still powerful is embarrassing and idiotic. A country which has more churches than the worshipers is the most evil one on earth
Ohhhh. Cry the beloved country.

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