British Council Hauled To Court Over $11k Debt
5 October 2019
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By A Correspondent| The British Council has been dragged to court by African Refractory Industries (Pvt) Ltd for refusing to settle a US$11 708,28 debt.

African Refractory Industries (Pvt) Ltd trading as Yakani Construction alleges that it rendered construction services to the British Council as per the contract they had entered into in February.

The British Council, however, did not pay all the money required for the services rendered. Yakani Construction further alleges that the British Council paid US$62 671,44 for the services, leaving a balance of US$11 708,28. Part of the court papers reads:

The plaintiff has fully performed its obligations to defendant and in terms of the agreement of the parties rendered to defendant the invoice for the final payment in the sum of US$11 708, 28. The defendant has for no just cause refused, failed and neglected to pay to the plaintiff US$11 708  in respect of the final invoice despite demand being given.