Sunningdale School Faces Closure Over Poor Ablution Services
9 October 2019
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Sunningdale 2 Primary School parents and members of the School Development Committee (SDC) have called for the immediate closure of the school amid fears of an outbreak of water borne diseases.

The two parties concurred that the problem which dates back to the year 2013 remain unattended with raw sewage flowing everywhere.

Fears have been raised as over 2000 children are at risk of contracting diseases as the council turns a blind eye to the problem.

“Since 2013, nothing has been done after consultations with the District Office and Council.

“We have engaged the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the head office over the matter, so we’re saying if the Council does not come up with a lasting solution, we’re closing the school.

“This year alone we last saw the councillor in January and even the MP does not know his people.

“We can’t continue to run the school in this state because we’re exposing children to typhoid and cholera,” he said.

The Sunningdale 2 Primary School SDC source also said they engaged the Council officials who promised to fix the sewage system adding that they will go on to close the school if they do not fulfill their promises.

Sunningdale Councillor Hammy Madzingira confirmed the situation at the school.H-Metro