Grudge-Nursing Former Student Returns To Harm Teacher
11 October 2019
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A hapless 48-YEAR-OLD Chivhu teacher was hospitalised after he was allegedly struck on the head with an iron bar by a former student who had been nursing a grudge against him.

NewsDay reports that Elliot Magaya (18) a former student at Masasa Secondary School in Chikomba assaulted his former teacher, Bernard Nyika, in a bid to avenge the beatings he got during his school days.

Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the incident, saying despite the brutal attack, Nyika was admitted at Harare hospital and now in a stable condition.

“We are against all forms of violence and those who are caught perpetrating it will be arrested and charged accordingly. The complainant, a teacher in Chivhu, is currently in a stable condition while the suspect is in remand facing attempted murder charges,” he said.

The incident is reported to have occurred on  September 29 at around 7 pm at Bonda Bottle Store where  Nyika and Magaya were drinking beer with other patrons.

Magaya, who was expelled from school while doing Form 2 after he was found in possession of a traditionally brewed illicit beer known as chikokiyana, picked a fight with one of Nyika’s colleagues, saying that he wanted to revenge the canning he experienced whilst at school. This prompted Nyika to intervene so as to stop the quarrelling, but the suspect then turned on him.

After realising that the suspect was now attacking him, Nyika went outside the bottle store and due to darkness, did not see that Magaya was following him.

The suspect, armed with an iron bar, struck Nyika on the head and he fell down with blood gushing out.

The matter was reported at ZRP Masasa who attended the scene and arrested the suspect.

Nyika was taken to Sadza Hospital, where he was admitted before being transferred to Harare for further medical assistance.