So Called “Nyami Nyami” Beast Appears In Harare? -Sacred Snake Causes A Storm At Joina City, Elder Says “It Signifies A King Is About To Die”
11 October 2019
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The spot where the snake some claimed is Kariba’s Nyami Nyami, eventually “vanished”

By A Correspondent- There was pandemonium along Angwa street opposite the former Ximex Mall in Harare Thursday morning when a sacred snake was discovered raising speculation that it came out of the boot of a car belonging to one of the entrepreneurs who operates near the area.

While some claimed the serpent is Kariba’s Nyami Nyami creature, an elder revealed it is the sacred ndara, or ngara beast. 

The snake, which brought pedestrians in the city centre to a standstill was however reportedly killed and shoved down a drain along Angwa street.

While others said it had been killed, others alleged that the snake was shoved inside the drain alive considering that it is a sacred snake.

Said a man who refused to speak on camera:

“The snake is called the “ngara” (or “ndara”) – it is sacred and a very rare snake which signals misfortune. It had so many colours and I am shocked that such a type of snake can be discovered in the central business district.”

Added a female vendor along Angwa street:

“While i did not see where it came from, what i know is that it was shoved down the drain alive. I think the owner is the one who pushed for it not to be killed. It is very strange that such a type of snake can be discovered here. But this is not the first time that we have witnessed such. Vanhu vepano vanoshandisa mushonga meaning the business people who operate from this area use juju.”

An elderly man confirmed that the type of snake that was discovered is a very rare species adding that besides misfortune, the snake signalled the death of a very big person within a community such as a King.


“It was good that they did not kill it. Ngara is a very sacred snake which when you see it in any community, it signals sickness or even death. In most instances, the death of even a king.”

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