“We Are Incapacitated”: Gvnt Workers
15 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- Government workers have said that they are now incapacitated to carry out their duties and responsibilities as a result of the erosion of their salaries.

The Apex Council which represents government workers observed that on average, workers used to receive US$500 but now are getting an average of US$40 and the salary is continuously losing value.

They say that the government has been neglecting and or failing to address their grievances for too long and as a result of incapacitation, they are now suspending their services until their situation has been adequately dealt with.

Their declaration of incapacitation comes at a time when health workers in public medical institutions have since the 3rd of September been on industrial action as a result of incapacitation.

The Apex Council said that government workers are the ones carrying the burden of austerity measures which the government introduced alleging that they will quick- start the economy.