Highway Fight Plus Hit And Run Saga – Details Emerge
16 October 2019
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Police are investigating a suspected murder case of a 26-year-old woman after she was allegedly pushed in front of a moving car by her boyfriend after an altercation got out of hand.

A woman only identified as Melissa, was allegedly involved in a brawl with her boyfriend Lawrence Chimombo on their way from Pabloz Bar in Gweru.

The fracas occurred at the 264-kilometre peg along Harare-Bulawayo highway around 4 am on Sunday.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Joel Goko said they were still investigating the case.

“The man is alleged to have quickly driven away in a Ford Ranger registration AEX 6370 after the accident.
“Police are investigating this case to find out the reasons behind the fight in the middle of the road and circumstances leading to the accident.
“Members of the public are being urged to desist from irresponsible driving.
“People are also being cautioned not to fight in the middle of the road in order to avoid accidents,” he said.

A witness who attended the deceased’s funeral said the man who hit the woman took pictures of Chimombo and his car at the scene.

“Chimombo sped away after realising that the man who hit his girlfriend had seen that he pushed her while they were quarrelling in the middle of the road.

”Mellisa left Pabloz Bar with Chimombo after a night of fun.
“She then sent a text message to her best friend informing her that she was having a misunderstanding with Chimombo.
“Surprisingly Chimombo had a lavish birthday bash the day after the incident and did not pay any condolences to Melissa’s family.
“It does not make sense why someone can enjoy a birthday party knowing that he pushed a person in front of a car the night before.
“The police are still investigating the matter and the family is yet to take action,” said the source.