ZANU PF Extensively Shares Invitations To Sign Anti Sanctions Petition – Full Text Of Petition
17 October 2019
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We, the citizens of Zimbabwe, are tired of putting up with the never ending assurances from the United States that sanctions are exclusively targeting certain individuals and companies, and do not affect ordinary residents. Even American president, Donald Trump, admitted that sanctions do damage to our people. Our government has long been changed. We have long been trying to open up to the world and boost our economy. Both the president and the government agree on the need to strengthen international cooperation and attract investment to Zimbabwe.

We do not see any reason why the sanctions should last and do not understand at all how deteriorating the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and undermining our economic growth reflects the interests of US national security.
We see economic pressure in the form of sanctions as an act of political blackmail designed to keep the residual US influence in Africa, as opposed to China and Russia.

Moreover, many American companies would like to come to Zimbabwe, but they cannot because of their own authorities. If the United States is not interested in the African market nor in investing in Zimbabwe, and restricting its own companies in doing so, then let them not stop others from cooperating with us!

If this is not blackmail, but the product of a huge bureaucratic machine, operated by inertia, then now is the time to turn it back and correct the mistakes of the White House previous administration.

In order to push the United States towards this decision and draw the attention of Americans to our problems, let’s act in the same way – we urge our authorities to limit US imports and see how quickly the White House comes to their senses when they see that China and Russia will instantly take their place on the market.

Share this petition on social media and forward it to your friends and family. Let everyone see how many we are!