Woman Breaks Down In Court Over Aggressive Son
18 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- Lesley Qiniso Mlala is an insensitive and aggressive son. 

This came out at the Bulawayo magistrates court when his mother broke down narrating how he beats her grandchildren for no reason and insults her every time he gets drunk.

Leanor Mlala from Entumbane suburb said in most instances her son comes home drunk at midnight and then starts insulting her for no apparent reason.

As if that is not enough he goes on to assault her three grandchildren. Now her grandchildren fear living in the house because of his abusive nature.

During her first days of being insulted, Leanor sought assistance from family members but efforts to tame Lesley’s rowdy behaviour were fruitless.

As months went by Lesley turned to be extremely violent and fearing for her life and her grandchildren’s Leanor decided to seek help from the courts. 

“I wish to apply for a protection order against Lesley who is my son. The respondent usually comes home drunk during midnight, and he starts insulting me for no apparent reason. He just lacks respect for me. He also assaults my grandchildren even if they have done nothing wrong,” said Leanor.

She added: “The respondent usually damages the door to gain entry when he comes home late at night. He switches off the television anytime when he finds me and my grandchildren watching, and if I try to reprimand him he becomes violent and starts damaging my property.

He also raises the volume of the radio full blast at midnight, making noise for us and the neighbours. May the court assist me by reprimanding him not to make noise, assault my grandchildren so that I can live peacefully.

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order pending a final decision.