Not So Good Samaritans Of Mbare
19 October 2019
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Shoppers at Mbare Musika have voiced concern at the surge in harassment by conmen who demand money from them despite initially pretending to help find goods or run errands.

The conmen start off by showing unsuspecting shoppers around the market or showing them where their desired goods are found — often at a commission by sellers — then demand cash after doing the job.
Usually they charge a dollar or more if they take one to several places.

Ms Joyce Dare said she once fell victim to a conman.
“Some time ago, I came here to buy vegetables. As I was doing my errands, one guy approached me and asked what I was looking for. He showed a place where I could buy the remainder of my vegetables. I was surprised when he later demanded payment,” she said.

Mr Takudzwa Alfas, a trader at the market, said they witness people especially girls and women falling prey to these conmen.
“Every day, we see women and girls being trapped into this kind of scam.”