Former ZINARA Boss Hauled To Court Facing Fresh Charges
20 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- A former ZINARA boss who was being investigated for corruption was arrested and hailed before the court facing 6 counts of criminal abuse of office charges. 

Mr Frank Chitukutuku allegedly awarded road rehabilitation contracts worth a whopping US$20 million to an alleged colleague without following legal processes.

The matter came to light through court papers that allege that Chitukutuku was corruptly working with a former ZINARA technical director:

The accused, in connivance with former Zinara technical director Moses Julius Juma, corruptly imposed the awarding of contracts for rehabilitation of road works for Rural Districts Councils without following procurement procedures.

The accused acted contrary to his duties as a public officer for the purpose of showing favour to Fremus Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, a company owned by his ZAOGA church associate, Freddy Chimbari.

Chitukukutu last week changed his last name to Mandlamakhulu together with his family and 2 other people. The state used the name change as their reason to remand Chitukutuku in custody till Tuesday to verify why he had suddenly changed his name.