Linda Masarira Calls For National Campaign Against “Sanctions”
21 October 2019
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Labour Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) president Ms Linda Masarira-Kaingidza yesterday joined the anti-sanctions drive and pledged to mobilise communities and fellow citizens against the illegal embargo ahead of the Sadc-initiated solidarity day this Friday.

The regional bloc’s 39th summit comprising Heads of State and Government set aside October 25, to conduct various activities in their countries aimed at denouncing illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

Several countries have used different platforms including last month’s United Nations General Assembly in New York to call for the removal of illegal sanctions.

In a statement, Ms Masarira-Kaingidza said her party had joined the fight against sanctions because they were aware that the embargo was a form of economic warfare against Zimbabwe that had brought immense suffering on the masses.

“As LEAD, we are engaging with local communities and grassroots citizens having meetings discussing the effects of sanctions and the importance of speaking with one voice to push for sanctions to be lifted,” she said.

Ms Masarira-Kaingidza said the most important ways to fight sanctions were to create a national campaign to educate people on the adverse effects of sanctions.

“We also inform people and make it clear that the sanctions which were deployed by a national emergency by the American president are war and defence measures that can be escalated to a military invasion by an instruction by the same president if the Americans do not neutralise that threat that they believe Zimbabwe poses to their national, economic and security interest,” she said.

“We are also teaching them to love the nation and each other to be willing to die for the nation as the first step to fight sanctions. We are making them get to unite as countrymen who understand that they need each other to progress.
“We can’t fix Zimbabwe’s problems if we are divided.”

Ms Masarira-Kaingidza called upon progressive political parties and civic organisations to work with them as they sought to define, establish and build a national interest, identity and common interest to galvanise us to work towards a transformative developmental state.

“We need to address previous pains and divisions that polarised us to build reconciliation through traditional and spiritual means using our traditional leaders, elders and not politicians.
“We should create trust, responsibility and accountability for each other and our nation,” she said.

She implored the Government to call for a national emergency against sanctions.State media

Linda Masarira