New Dancehall Chanter Bashed
23 October 2019
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DJ Rhibe

By A Correspondent- A rising chanter from Yalanation Studios claims he was given a thrashing by ChillSpot’s DJ Rhibe which left him bruised.

Born Tichawona Ganyau, the new chanter – Horror – said he was assaulted by DJ Rhibe after the chanter had dissed Chill Spot family in the song Havandimise.

The case was reported at Matapi Police station under RB 19822/19.

Narrating his ordeal, Horror told this publication that he has been on target from the ChillSpot Family for a long time.

“I have penned a song dissing Chill Spot and DJ Rhibe has been promising to beat me.

“He came to our base looking for me panonzi pa High Life and he then started to insult me.

“Rhibe also insulted my mother and when I tried to respond he threatened to beat me.

“As a build up to this we finally met at Matapi Clinic that’s where he assaulted me.

“I think he was not supposed to beat me that way izvi ndezve mangoma,” he said.

In another interview, Yala Nation’s publicist King George Damson said:

“These are youths who are just trying to make a name nhai amana.

“This is thuggish and criminal behaviour, Zimdancehall doesn’t belong to anyone.

“Anyone is free to sing what they want and these are just kids trying to make a name for themselves.

“At the height of proper diss wars in Zimdancehall, people never beat each other up.

“This is what happens when you have a group of overzealous nincompoops whose delusions of grandeur give them pseudo superiority and belief that they own the industry.

“Such behaviour has no place in the music industry.”

Efforts to get a comment from Rhibe went futile as his mobile phone was not available.

However, producer Levels dismissed the allegations saying its Zim dancehall chanter Seh Calaz who is behind this.

“Rhibe did not assault anyone they are lying.