Sekuru Banda Lands Another Top African Post
25 October 2019
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Own Correspondent|Trendsetting traditional healer and herbalist, Sekuru Kamwelo Banda has put Zimbabwe on the international map after being elected the President of the African Traditional Healers Association in what confirms his growing influence in the world .

Sekuru Banda as he is affectionately known has gained global recognition as he attends at least 15 international conferences annually presenting on African traditional medicine and exorcism of evil spirits.

“It is an honor that Sekuru Banda has landed a top post in Africa, he was voted the President of African Traditional Healers Association and will be representing Africa at international conferences on traditional medicines.

“This is on top of his international engagements where he attends at least 20 conferences annually,” said Sam, Sekuru Banda’s aide.

Sam added that Sekuru Banda’s influence was growing as marked by the number of traditional leaders who visit his shrine to learn about African herbs.

“Every month, Sekuru Banda receives more than 20 traditional healers at his shrine here in Zimbabwe where he imparts knowledge on the use of African herbs.

Most of his clients are traditional healers from Europe, Asia, Australia and America. Others also come from all over Africa thus making his schedule tight,” he added.
Sam further noted that Sekuru Banda is still performing wonders through the use of supernatural powers to assist victims of theft, broken marriages, lost love and affection and healing of various ailments that include the dreaded cancer, TB and other non-communicable diseases like hypertension and sugar diabetes.

“His multitudes of clients and patients visit him at different times. Some visit him during the day and the more shy ones who insist on privacy frequent his shrine at night. For one to meet Sekuru Banda, a prior appointment should be made through his assistants who then provide them with actual dates and time. Sekuru Banda is so busy that quite often he skips meals to cater for the needs of his clients.”

According to testimonies from the majority of his clients, 70% of the problems brought before the popular traditional healer are solved instantly while 20% take time to be solved while 10% won’t be addressed because the problems could be a result of punishment from the ancestors and God.