Extreme Binge Drinking At NetOne, And Gross Corruption, We Can’t Even Approach ZACC
27 October 2019
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Corruption and Scandal Hits NetOne

The new NetOne CEO Lazarus Muchenje assisted by Darlington Gutu and KudakwasheNyashanu must be exposed for corruption and scandals. They are victimising employees especially those not aligned to their faction or those that served under the erstwhile CEO Reward Kangai.

The new CEO is changing corporate structures to accomodate his cronies as he drops those that he does not want for personal but unprofessional reasons.

To date, four executives had their titles changed for junior ranks and have been posted to Masvingo, Mutare and Bulawayo. Those that remain at HQ have been given dubious titles on a take it or leave NetOne basis.

Most recently the CEO demoted three Zone commanders and he posted them to the regions where the company has no available housing for management like Gwanda and Hwange. 

 The three have surrounded themselves with yes men, relatives and girlfriends.

If you ask those that resigned this year and those yet to resign, their reasons are premised on the CEO’s reign of terror, nepotism, corruption and victimisation.

Every meeting is turned into a binge party that runs into the next day. Company funds are recklessly squandered on food, drinks and entertainment. 

Employees have no free week ends and no family time. At any time you are called for unnecessary meetings at odd hours just to prove power by the senior management. Workers are forced to be on social media to write good stuff about NetOne.

We suspect looting of corporate assets is also happening. Employees are working in fear and not motivated.

Can the shareholder deal with these crooks disguised as leaders. The board and Minister of ICT are captured and just watching when NetOne is being looted and destroyed by the day.

We can’t even approach ZACC. The system is woven to be immune from accountability. Where do we go from here? – Anonymous