Manluckerz Band Unites Nationalities
8 November 2019
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By Own Correspondent| Luckson Chikutu popularly known as Manluckerz is probably one of Zimbabwe’s finest cultural export. The award winning arts activist has been flying the country’s flag high in Europe.

He is probably one of the most recognisable Zimbabwe’s cultural ambassador in Sweden where he has been domiciled for the past twenty years.

The National Arts Merit Award nominee is the frontman of the Zim-Traditional Unity, a band which comprised of five different nationals. He has been working with the band members for more than 15 years.

“I started working with them since 2001 and some started in 2004 till today we are so tight, we are a team and we do teamwork. They are contributing a big strength in our cultural relationships with other cultures.

“They do like the Zimbabwean traditional music. They got inspired with how I work with them. They normally call me as a neutral person, a man,” said the soft spoken Manluckers.

The rainbow band is made up of Martin Larsson- Sweden, Joseph Semafumu-Uganda, Mia Törngren-Sweden, Celso Paco-Mozambique, Göran Larsson-Sweden, Ben Joe-Senegal, Isaac Mutasa-Zimbabwe and Jesina  Chikutu- Zimbabwe-Sweden.

The band members are itching to one day perform at grand national festival in the country.

 “Their expectations are to participate one day in one of the biggest event in Zimbabwe. They also want to show Zimbabweans that our culture is rich and we should feel proud of it, not being ashamed with it,” said Manluckerz.