Is Bev’s Husband A Medical Doctor?
25 January 2020
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By Jane Mlambo| Since the news of raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda’s wedding to a United Kingdom based doctor Chambuka Mufudzi broke out, social media has been awash with sarcasm, conspiracies and questions on the man who settled for a person of Bev.

As the debate went on, one question that could not be answered was who is this man in short his background and a perusal on social media platforms could not help matters as the man is not on any social platforms with his last activity being on MySpace which is no longer functional.

A search on the portal where registered doctors are found could not yield results too, suggesting reports of the man being a doctor could be untrue.

Below is the search results

The question remains, is Mufudzi a medical doctor as reported by some sections of the media?