“Give Them A Few Days”: UK Woman On Beverley Sibanda, New Husband Mufudzi Chambuka
27 January 2020
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By A Correspondent- A UK based woman who has been co- habiting with Beverly Sibanda’s new husband Mufudzi Chambuka has given the couple just a few days of wedding bliss arguing that knowing the man’s character, the raunchy dancer is in for a shock regarding her newly found love.

The woman, alleged that Mufudzi was a womaniser and conman who was in the habit of using and dumping women.

The UK based Zimbabwean, who availed evidence that she was co- habiting with Bev’s new husband claimed that Mufudzi owed her over US$5k and had disappeared with her Ford.

She said:

“I know Mufudzi Chambuka, give the new couple a few days and knowing Mufudzi, Bev will find out the real him. He is always on the phone texting women and i know in a few days, something will happen….

I know of a depressed woman who was also conned by Mufudzi. She has deactivated all her facebook accounts because of this. She was also conned by Mufudzi….

I am not jealous of Bev or Mufudzi, all i want is my money and my car from him.”

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