Govt Vocational Training Centre Demands Groceries Upfront From Trainees Before Admission
27 January 2020
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State Media|Kaguvi Vocational Training Centre near Gweru is demanding full fees and groceries upfront before allowing both returning and new students into its halls of residence.

College principal Mr Henry Nemtenzi, confirmed demanding groceries, but denied chasing away students for failing to pay fees.

Students told The Herald that they had to produce a bank slip showing they paid full fees, and then bring stipulated grocery items to their hostel wardens, for them to be allocated a bed.

The training centre wants 4kg sugar, 2kg rice and 2 litres cooking oil, among other things, which should be handed over to dining hall staff.

“They claim the groceries form part of the food which we will be served in the dining hall for the whole semester, but imagine over 1 500 students enrolled here bringing this type of groceries. They are fleecing us,” said one of the students.

The students said most of them were chased away for failing to bring the groceries.

Mr Nemtenzi was reportedly handling the matter personally.

“He is chasing away those with no fees and groceries like we are in high school,” said another student.

Contacted for comment, Mr Nemtenzi confirmed that they had included groceries on the list of requirements from students.

However, he denied that the institution was chasing away students for not paying full fees.

“We have just said students should bring groceries to augment what we have but we are not chasing them away. On fees, they will need to have paid something so that they are accepted into hostels.

“Students can pay fees at the institution or bring a bank receipt,” he said.