27 January 2020
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“People have for a time mistaken ZANU PF for a monstrous party. This is the time to show people that we are a friendly party.”

By Dr Masimba Mavaza| The Party will drive forward the National Commissariat’s commitment to recruit three million new members over the next 3 years. 

ZANU PF UK opened the first meeting of the Diaspora District which will drive forward the party’s commitment to recruit over three million new people over the next 3 years.

The general meeting was held in Northampton in the Midlands of the United Kingdom. The general meeting brought together all ZANU PF cadres across the United Kingdom. During the meeting the chairman of ZANU PF Cde Masimba Tavengwa paid tribute to the party for holding a successful conference in Goromonzi. He applauded the National Commissariat for setting a goal of 5 million members by 2023. 

Contacted for comment, the National Political Commissar Cde Victor Matemadanda could not hide his excitement for the good work being done by ZANU PF UK. The Secretary General for ZANU PF UK Cde Xavier Zvavare outlined plans to begin the unprecedented recruitment drive starting now with one person at a time. Cde Zvavare urged all ZANU PF members to bring one person at a time to the party. “Slowly but surely we will get there.”

Addressing the the meeting Cde Tawengwa urged members to introduce the new ZANU PF in the new dispensation. The ZANU PF which is accessible to people and which approaches people with open hands. “People have for a time mistaken ZANU PF for a monstrous party. This is the time to show people that we are a friendly party.” Comrade Tawengwa said:

This first meeting of the new Year marks the start of a new partnership between the party and the people.

Our pledge to recruit three million people over the next 3 years is an absolute priority and it will begin now.

We are a party which backs our people all the way and we are going to give them the resources and the confidence they need to get the job done.

The meeting was attended by ZANU PF UK members and some new members were introduced to the jubilant members.

Speaking after the meeting, the youth representatives Cde Salome Eric and Cde Kudzai Makuku were in cloud 9. They thanked the party for the way diaspora was received during the conference in Goromonzi. They vowed to bring developmental programs which will attract more youth to the revolutionary party. 

This party in the Diaspora will not hesitate to act and give the every Zimbabwean the support they need to survive in the foreign land. On the side of the meeting cde said “we have moved swiftly to set up sanity and provide strong leadership and deliver on our commitment to recruit more people to the revolutionary party “.

Following this meeting, the party will move at pace to drive forward our plans to bolster the party and win the whole diaspora ready for 2023.

The Meeting discussed the changing nature of politics and the increasingly complex demand on the political platform for tolerance and compatibility. They agreed that the diaspora would be a useful forum for improving collaboration and consistency across the diaspora.”

The importance of setting business and taking up farming were also discussed. The Party will meet 4 times a year and propagate the Gwara remusangano said Cde Mutizira.

I am pleased to have attended the first meeting of the new year which brings together true patriots and leaders to deliver a transformational opportunity for Zimbabwe.

This ambitious growth of the party requires significant planning, and work has already begun with all involved to consider how we can successfully achieve our recruitment target in the next 3 years. 

The executive members who attended were Chairman- Masimba Tawengwa
Sec for Admin-X. Zavare
Finance Secretary- Eddie Mukutirwa
Security- A.Mutizira
Committee member- Cde Wenhamo
Acting Transport and Social Welfare- Everjoy Kurangwa
Women’s league Vice Chair- P. Mangwana.

Besides the youth who graced the meeting there were two very young members who took time of their toys to join their parents in this historic meeting.

Commenting from Harare, Cde Matemadanda the National political Commissair praised the UK chapter of ZANU PF for taking the party seriously.

The party has gained more support and the target of 5 million is within reach.

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