Zimbabwean Man In S.A Looking For Assistance
29 January 2020
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Luke Mundopa

This is Luke Mundopa and he is a Zimbabwean man currently in South Africa where he is seeking medical attention.

He is my friend’s father whom we have tried to assist but the situation has now gone beyond what we can comprehend.

Mr Mundopa is in South Africa and is very sick because he cannot sit or sleep properly.

He is suffering from lipoma according to doctors and he has been to hospital. The doctors have however told him to come back on March 24 2020 and he is kindly looking for assistance in cash or in kind.

My friend is struggling to provide him with food and other basic medical care and is kindly asking for assistance.

They are currently in Cape Town and Mr Mundopa can be contacted on 00263775965483. You can call or send a whatsapp message to him.

Thanking you in advance.