Vehicle Clamping Money Making Scheme For City Of Harare.
30 January 2020
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Own Correspondent|The City Of Harare is raking in thousands of dollars a day from motorists over a host of offences that appear to be a money making scheme by the local authority.

The council charges up to almost $600 for some minor “offences.”

Check out some of the offences that will get your car clamped and save yourself $598.

  1. Failure to display a valid parking ticket.
  2.  Continued parking on expired ticket
  3. Unauthorised parking in a reserved bay
  4. Parking motor vehicle displaying for sale or for purposes of selling.
  5. Obstruction
  6. Parking over line of a parking bay
  7. Wash vehicle on parking space
  8. Stop withing 5m of an intersection.
  9. Parking in or obstruct entrance/ exit or a service lane or driveway
  10. Parking or stopping vehicle other than goods vehicle in the off-loading bay.
  11. Park vehicle on sidewalk or traffic island
  12. Failure to display valid vehicle licence.