Zimbabwe Can And MUST Urgently Evacuate Its Citizens From China
2 February 2020
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Correspondent|It is very possible for Zimbabwean government to evacuate it’s nationals from China where the Coronavirus is spreading.

Current statistics reveal that about 300 people have died so far from the coronavirus outbreak that has affected about 14 000 people so far in China.

From the way things are going China is not managing to contain the virus.

We have seen how other nations are evacuating their people out of China. We all know many Zimbabweans are in China and lots of very young students too.

It’s very disheartenning to follow the stories of fear and desperation gripping Zimbabwean nationals in China.

In an article run by ZimEye.com on Sunday, young students highlighted their fears and desire to be rushed back home.

Some have run out of food and are not allowed to go out to the shops. As Zimbabweans we are all very loving people and we always help and rescue our fellow people.

It is very possible for Zimbabwe to set up a hotline numbers where those who would like to travel back home can ring.

Families and anyone wanting information can easily get it via the hotline numbers. A command centre can also be set up where those wishing to assist can go and assist.

The next step for Zimbabwean government would be to announce a date when a chartered flight would be available for Zimbabweans to travel back home and at least 2 to three weeks notice can be given.

This would also give enough time for people to raise airfares. In the event that others do not have airfares well wishers can donate or Zimbanwean government can pay even if it means billing the travellers.

We all saw how Zimbanweans are loving and supportive during the Cyclone Idai where coordinated assistance efforts proved to be effective.

Cyclone Idai crisis took place in Zimbabwe’s eastern highlands. Now the coronavirus is out there in China and our people are stuck.

Zimbabwean love crosses borders and we are very capable of carrying out this rescue mission. We can’t just sit back and watch and meave our people out there.

I am very confident that Zimbabwe can do this because other countries managed to do it. To add more Zimbabwe is in very good books with China. They are able to carry out this rescue mission and have thise who want to travel back home get escort by Chinese authorities so they are all in one area where they can be kept under quarantine until travel dates.

It would be a good idea if Zimbabwean government and all Zimbabweans can commence to work on this rescue mission. We have a lot of loving Zimbabweans and we are highly intelligent and this rescue mission can easily be carried out.

On that note I would like to thank all Zimbabweans who will step up and rescue their own. Let’s make hay while the sun shines.