Video Surfaces Of Mnangagwa Boasting ‘I’m Bigger Than Harare City….’
3 February 2020
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By Simba Chikanza | A video has emerged of ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa boasting that he is better than the Harare City Council. The clip was released by the Information Ministry which has blamed the capital city’s water problems on the MDC run authority.

The Information Ministry says Mnangagwa’s government has moved swiftly to address the water crisis. In their advertorial they said: for long residents of the city struggled to get clean consistent running water, the problem seems to be a result of Council’s failure to provide a solution. Action was desperately needed and the government has moved swiftly to address this challenge.

In the older clip, the ZANU PF president is seen saying, “we want this problem to be behind us. And for it to be behind us all the stakeholders have been at the meeting so each stakeholder will do his or her part and government will do its part in terms of financing. Isu ve hurumende, tisu tichabvisa mari kuti zvigadzikwe vigogadzikwa! – we are the government shall do the fixing of everything by releasing all the funds needed, ” he said.

Harare City Council’s water problem began in the 1990s when the government squandered money meant for the construction of Kunzvi dam expansion works. Compounded with this was the government’s destructive work of stripping local councils of their autonomy to effectively run all operations from government.

“All these years (24), Kunzvi has had notice placards announcing that works are in progress,” the Harare mayor His Worship Herbert Gomba told ZimEye in an interview.

To this day, councils are run from the ZANU PF headquarters.

Added to the water issue, the government back in the 1980s also stripped the Harare city council of its bus network, Harare United, as well as the local council’s electricity authority, to form separate companies run along party lines. Meanwhile, the ZANU PF creations – ZUPCO, and ZESA have since been run down amid massive corruption, since the 1990s.