In Case You Missed It: EXPOSING CRIMINALS LIVE | ZimEye Article Which Exposed Rosilin Gibson
7 February 2020
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Roslyn Gubsin promised papers for UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Canada in the process conning a number of people.

The advert read:

Now recruiting those who want to come and work in care , driving and cleaning here in Europe you pay $300 it is for administration purposes we get you the job and you will be given 5 years Visa
Counties are
Belgium ??
Sweden ??
Canada ??
Germany ??
Northern Island ?
Netherlands ??
We are recruiting now we have a target to meet you don’t need any qualifications but you should be good at English

Airfare is paid for
Accommodation for 4 months after that you can get accommodation of your own choice.
You are bound to work for the Company for one year after that if you don’t like it you can move to another company.
If you like you continue
With your Visa during your leave days you can travel up and down

All serious candidates are considered.

Watch the original expose in the video downloading below: