62,000 People Views As Chamisa Offloads Secrets Of Mbeki Meeting In Jan
8 February 2020
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At the churches … the Zimbabwe council of churches with the same agenda: they came these fellas, the Wutaunashes, and these old men, father Mukonori, and this my brother (Nehemiah) Mutendi who comes from my home area. They came and then agreed that of a truth we have serious problems. And vaMukonori said of a truth we have a mukono of a problem. And vaWutaunashe said you Chamisa are the one who has the wuta Hwashe (the Lord’s sap). You are the one who must fix the country. And I said I am listening to you church elders, so then, what should I do? And they said, you must agree that Mnangagwa is the president.

And I said but I thought that the greatest thing in the Bible is that you must not lie. You want to watch me falling into hell? You are the church Bishops, you must be praying for me instead, that I remain holding onto the truth, because the elections were stolen in Zimbabwe .

Now, they then returned to Mnangagwa. ED then says Chamisa must just agree. He must just accept so that we work together. Next time I will send him the baton. And then I said so you actually know that you stole the baton from me? Next time when it catches you it will bring you down once again where you are isn’t it?

So I then said I want dialogue. So that is when vaMbeki came. vaMbeki came to me; he came in December and when he came, he said I have arrived in Zimbabwe and I know that you have an overwhelming support in the country and the sound of your popularity which is greatest, has reached me in South Africa. And I asked him, did it? And he said your popularity has power and then I asked, so what do we do now?

And he said, I would like to hear what your issues are because I do not understand why you are failing to agree with my friend Mnangagwa.

And I said I don’t understand how and where he is getting lost. I said I don’t want to join his club, Polad. There are some small dogs there that keep on barking and at times biting at the legs without achieving anything…VIDEO LOADING BELOW….