Jealousy Mawarire Tears Into “Charlatans Fighting For Loot”
8 February 2020
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By Own Correspondent| Jealousy Mawarire has lashed out at charlatans dragging the country’s former leader, the late Robert Mugabe into their silly fights for gold, diamonds and command agriculture loot.

Mawarire advised the Zanu Pf charlatans to stop desecrating Mugabe’s grave by commemorating and hosting their evwnts on the 21st of February, a day set aside as a public holiday in Zimbabwe in honour of the late Zimbabwean leader’s birthday.

Said Mawarire:

“These charlatans should leave the name if President Mugabe out of their fights for gold, diamons and command agr8culture loot. The same Ediots were at the forefront of fighting RGM now they want to desecrate his grave by dragging him into their silly fights , do it on ED’s birthday #Nxaa”.

Mawarire’s tweet comes following revelations by former Zanu Pf youth league political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu’s revelation that the citizens of Zimbabwe were inviting the country’s leaders including opposition leader Nelson Chamisa to a Corruption interface meeting on 21 February at a yet to be named venue.

Watch the live video below for the full statement by Tsenengamu….