Patch Up The Bleeding Economy And Not Our Constitution!
12 February 2020
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The move by Emmerson Mnangagwa to repeal a constitutional provision on running mates is a clear indication that the panic stricken ZANU PF leader intends to insulate his position from the ambitious Constantine Chiwenga to make sure he never succeeds him.

It is very regrettable that ZANU PF is abusing its majority in parliament to tear apart and patch up our only home made constitution which was born out of rigorous consultation with masses under trees, in hill tops and community halls.

The repeal is a clear factional battle and unfortunately it does not help to solve the current political and economic crises in the country.

We as MDC youths condemn changes that do not deal with food shortages, unemployment and school fees hikes.

As citizens we had enough of this ZANU PF factional nonsense at the expense of national interests!

Tempering around the constitution so as to pursue petty parochial agendas is certainly going to be resisted with equal force.

Hands off our constitution

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson