Jonathan Moyo Ended Up Doing Media Campaigns For Chamisa In 2018 Because No-one In The MDC Was Doing It, Ex Herald Editor Claims – Full Thread
13 February 2020
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Jonathan Moyo

Own Correspondent|Former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi who enjoys a close relationship with exiled former information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has claimed has claimed that Moyo raised funds used for Nelson Chamisa and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) 2018 election campaign. Kudzayi said the money was used for adverts on radio, tv and print.

Edmund Kudzayi was responding to Freeman Chari who was saying that MDC should not entertain people like Jonathan Moyo who abused their positions when they were in position of power.

Moyo has openly admitted his involvement in funding Chamisa’s 2018 campaign.

Moyo doesn’t regret ever doing this openly as well implicating Patrick Zhuwawo whom he says provided US$6000 for radio advertisements.

“It is an open secret that my TL (timeline) in these streets actively supported @nelsonchamisa’s candidature in 2018.

Read Kudzayi’s full Twitter thread below:

Ultimately, it is the voters who decide. If anyone wants power, they must stand for election. No citizen can say so and so is disqualified. That said, I certainly have no ambition to join the MDC, nor does Prof Moyo, but we want to see opposition politics done competently.

In the 2018 elections, we ended up having to intervene to do radio, print, social media and television adverts for the MDC. Why? Because nobody was doing the work and Chamisa was the best foot forward.

Where did the money come from? It was raised by Professor Jonathan Moyo.

One unknown fact is that Jonathan Moyo did not want to publicly support the MDC in 2018, preferring to watch from the terraces. It took me four months, January to April 2018, to persuade him to help actively, after which #KwekweHim, #KutongwaKwaro, #Excelgate etc were born.

MDC stockholders need to stop worrying about sharing power that it does not have and focus on action.

What is the plan? Waiting for 2023? When are the protests coming? How do you sustain them Sudan-style?

These are the serious political questions that remain unanswered.

A PRAYER FOR ZIMBABWE: One of my favourite ads from the 2018 election, which was done for Chamisa by so-called Zanu PF infiltrators. ZBC ended up forcing the MDC to edit out ED and Chiwenga!