BREAKING NEWS- Police Beat Up MDC Supporters At Job Sikhala Trial
14 February 2020
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By A Correspondent | MDC supporters were this morning beaten and chased away from the High Court where they were giving solidarity to MDC deputy national chairperson Job Sikhala.

The police have barricaded the roads leading to Masvingo High Court.

Said an MDC official:

“Job Sikhala is being persecuted for freedom of speech but Mnangagwa is vindicating what the people of Zimbabwe have said that he is not in total control of the state but it is the army…….we are under military rule….he (Mnangagwa) has surpassed the Robert Mugabe era and he has even gone beyond Ian Smith’s era…We have never witnessed such cruelty, we’ve never witnessed such barbaric…that innocent Zimbabweans can be tortured, can be beaten just for sitting more than 200m away from the court, waiting for the judgement of Job Sikhala, that’s pathetic on the part of the government…”

Watch the two live videos loading below for this and more…..